dinsdag 27 juni 2017

“Salvia Divinorum, an Atypical Psychedelic"

Lecture by Peter H. Addy, Ph D | Horizons, 2014

Postdoctoral Associate, Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine “Salvia Divinorum, an Atypical Psychedelic” 

Based on my laboratory and field work with Salvia divinorum (SD) and salvinorin A (SA) over the past five years, I will provide a brief overview of the subjective and behavioral effects of SD and propose a role of the kappa opioid receptor (KOR) system in embodied consciousness.

Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics is an annual forum that examines the role of psychedelics in science, healing, culture and spirituality. Learn more at horizonsnyc.org.

Biography: Dr. Addy is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in the New Haven area. He has investigated the effects of Salvia divinorum at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Yale University School of Medicine, and the homes of indigenous healers in Mexico.

zondag 25 juni 2017


Mitch Schultz, director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, invites you to join this 45 minute excursion deep into the heart of the Peruvian rainforest to experience the magic of the 3000 year old plant medicine: Huachuma.

Distilled in the lost tradition from the San Pedro cactus by the last master Huachumero, Huachuma was the sacrament that formed the foundation for pre-Incan civilization, the Chavin.

Follow Aubrey Marcus (founder of Onnit) and a group of friends in this moving meditation that reveals the true transformative power of this sacred technology.

maandag 5 juni 2017

Empire Files: Buying a Slave – The Hidden World of US/Philippines Trafficking

Human trafficking is a hidden industry that brings in $150 billion in illegal profits every year. In the United States, tens of thousands are trafficked annually—the biggest clients being major hotel chains and foreign diplomats. 

The Philippines is one of the largest labor exporters in the world. 6,000 Filipinos—mostly women—leave the country every single day to work, because of mass unemployment and poverty. Tricked by placement agencies, thousands end up living as virtual slaves.

Damayan, a New York-based organization led by Filipina domestic workers, is fighting this underground crisis. Abby Martin speaks to several members of the organization about how this exodus of women has devastated a generation of families, and how they are fighting back.


vrijdag 2 juni 2017

The Dynasty of Rothschild | The Only Trillionaires in the World

Who is the Richest person in the world? Do you really think your government controls everything? How Rothschild became the richest family in the world?

In this documentary video you will the all about Rothschild Family and his biography.