zondag 17 december 2017

How The State Of Israel Occupied Jerusalem

Hot Property (2009): Israeli citizens are bending property laws to their advantage, and the police are helping them.

Journey Pictures

zaterdag 16 december 2017

The Coming Temple

Filmed in the Old City of Jerusalem, this ground-breaking documentary investigates the research of renowned Biblical archaeologists, Bob Cornuke, David Sielaff and Earnest L. Martin who claim that Solomon and Herod's Temples never stood on the Haram al Sharif, also known as the Temple Mount.

If they are right, then there is nothing to stop the Jewish people building their long awaited for Third Jewish Temple in the actual site where the Temples once stood. But is tradition too strong? We'll see.

- ALERT! Is the 3rd Temple Under Construction?? (video) - Restore the Path

vrijdag 15 december 2017

The Blockchain and Us


In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin and the blockchain. For the first time in history, his invention made it possible to send money around the globe without banks, governments or any other intermediaries. The concept of the blockchain isn’t very intuitive. But still, many people believe it is a game changer.

Economist and filmmaker Manuel Stagars portrays this exciting technology in interviews with software developers, cryptologists, researchers, entrepreneurs, consultants, VCs, authors, politicians, and futurists from the United States, Canada, Switzerland, the UK, and Australia.

The Blockchain and Us is no explainer video of the technology. It gives a view on the topic, makes it accessible and starts a conversation about its potential wider implications in a non-technical way.

The film deliberately poses more questions than it answers. For a deep dive, see all full-length interviews from the film here.

- The Bitcoin Phenomenon (video) - Documentary

dinsdag 5 december 2017

Beerput Nederland

directe link

Diepgaand onderzoek naar milieucriminaliteit in Nederland. Milieurechercheurs vertellen in de documentaire 'Beerput Nederland' hoe frauduleuze afvalbedrijven al decennialang ongestoord hun gang kunnen gaan.

Eind 2016 staat een Nederlandse inzamelaar van scheepsafvalstoffen voor de rechter. Lees meer + video.


donderdag 16 november 2017

Adyar: Home of the Theosophical Society


This documentary explores the international Theosophical Society in Adyar, Chennai, India; and examines some of the reasons that founders H. P. Blavatsky and Col. Henry Steel Olcott might have had for moving the Society's headquarters from the United States to India.

Rare film footage and archival photos highlight the program along with appearances by leading members of the Society, including international Theosophical Society president, Radha Burnier, Theosophical scholar and historian Michael Gomes, and more. Updated for 2012. 57 minutes.

Theosophical Society

maandag 6 november 2017

A Walk To Beautiful

The film tells the personal stories of rural women who make their way to Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, seeking treatment for obstetric fistula, a life-shattering complication of childbirth. Filmed in a starkly beautiful landscape, the documentary juxtaposes the isolated lives of village women who are outcasts because of their medical condition, with the faraway hospital that offers a miracle after a long and arduous trek—a “walk to beautiful.”

Rejected by their husbands and ostracized by their communities, these women are left to spend the rest of their lives in loneliness and shame. Instead they make the long and arduous journey to Fistula Hospital in Addis Abba where they reclaim their lost dignity. The trials they endure–and their attempts to rebuild their lives–tell a universal story of hope, courage, and transformation.

Real Stories

dinsdag 31 oktober 2017

Balfour Declaration at 100: Seeds of Discord

Filmmaker: Mohammed Salameh

A hundred years since Britain's infamous declaration, its repercussions are still felt across the Middle East today.

The Balfour Declaration was a public promise by the British government during World War One, announcing support for the establishment of "a national home for the Jewish people" in Palestine. Palestine was still a part of the Ottoman Empire at the time, with a minority Jewish population. Read more.

Al Jazeera

woensdag 11 oktober 2017

The Rise of Eugenics: Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Oil. The 19th century was transformed by it. The 20th century was shaped by it. And the 21st century is moving beyond it. 

But who gave birth to the oil industry? What have they done with the immense wealth and power that it has granted them? And what are they planning to do with that power in a post-carbon world? This is the remarkable true story of the oiligarchs and the world they have created. Read more.

Corbett Report

zaterdag 7 oktober 2017

Han Boering on I Ching, Freedom, Joy and Resonance

click CC for English subtitles

Han Boering, author of "I Ching for the 21st Century" (written in Dutch) passed away on June 10th, 2015. He was a very wise man, but also very modest. An inhexaustible source with his vision on life. 

I made this interview with him on February 25th, 2011. This was within the context of my documentary "Freedom". But I never published the full interview. His passing is the reason to share it here.

Han Boering, schrijver van "I Tjing voor de 21ste eeuw" overleed op 10 juni 2015. Het was een man met heel erg veel wijsheid en toch bescheiden. Een onuitputtelijke bron van visie op het leven.

Ik interviewde hem op 25 februari 2011 in het kader van mijn film "Freedom", maar heb dat interview nooit gebruikt of gedeeld. Zijn overlijden is de aanleiding om dit te delen.

PJ Ardies

- Han Boering - Juwelenschip

- Terence McKenna - Time and the I-Ching (video)
- Terence McKenna - Timewave Zero (video)

donderdag 5 oktober 2017

Tegenlicht: Het wonder van Baskenland

5 maart 2012

Tegenlicht bivakkeert in het Baskische stadje Mondragón, waar het overgrote deel van de bevolking werkt in coöperaties. Elke werknemer is er mede-eigenaar en men beslist samen welke keuzes het bedrijf moet maken. Met succes, ook in deze economisch harde tijden. Mondragon maakt hoogtechnologische producten en is als 7e grootste bedrijf van Spanje uitgegroeid tot een multinational met vestigingen over de hele wereld.

"Tijdens het naoorlogs kapitalisme en in een vijandige omgeving een coöperatief sociaal model ontwikkelen: dat is een wonder." Lees meer.


vrijdag 29 september 2017

The Science of Acupuncture

First broadcast: Tuesday 24 Jan 2006 on BBC TWO

Kathy Sykes investigates the 2,000 year-old practice of acupuncture for the BBC/OU series Alternative Medicine

Kathy begins her journey in China where she sees some incredible demonstrations of acupuncture. The most astonishing is a scene in a Chinese hospital in which doctors perform open heart surgery on a young woman - using a combination of acupuncture and conventional pain relief instead of a general anaesthetic. In China, she discovers, acupuncture is used alongside western medicine and, at times, as a replacement. Read more.


donderdag 21 september 2017

Living Utopia: The Anarchists & The Spanish Revolution

Considered a jewel amongst historians and rebel hearts, this documentary made in 1997 about the 1936 Spanish Revolution blends historical accounts of the development of the anarchist movement with first-hand testimonies.

maandag 11 september 2017

Rebel Rabbis: Anti-Zionist Jews Against Israel

VICE embeds with the London branch of the Neturei Karta, a group of controversial Ultra Orthodox Jews who campaign against Zionism and for the immediate dismantling of the state of Israel.

Because of their unusual views, and support of people like ex-Iranian president Ahmadinejad and groups like the Hungarian far right Jobbik party, other Jewish people often label them as extremists.

Reporter Milène Larsson goes behind the closed doors of this secretive community to understand why this Jewish group's anti-Israel sentiment has led them to join Palestinians protesting Israeli occupation and burn Israeli flags.


vrijdag 1 september 2017

Free Speech Fear Free

by Tarquin Ramsay

Can we really be fully human without Free Speech? Is free speech the oxygen of our society? Without it we crumble. Free Speech Fear Free get's to the core of what free speech really is, and the impact it has on our day to day lives.

It compares the UK with Belarus and shows what life is really like without Free Speech. It tells chilling stories of a dictatorship that destroys people's standard of living.

The Secret Power Music Holds Over You

donderdag 17 augustus 2017

'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith

When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked details of massive government surveillance programs in 2013, he ignited a raging debate over digital privacy and security. 

That debate came to a head this year, when Apple refused an FBI court order to access the iPhone of alleged San Bernardino Terrorist Syed Farook. Meanwhile, journalists and activists are under increasing attack from foreign agents.

To find out the government's real capabilities, and whether any of us can truly protect our sensitive information, VICE founder Shane Smith heads to Moscow to meet the man who started the conversation, Edward Snowden.


vrijdag 21 juli 2017

vrijdag 14 juli 2017

Empire Files: Abby Martin in Venezuela - Supermarkets to Black Markets

Abby Martin talks to Venezuelans on the streets of Caracas and investigates the main claim that there's no free press, and that there is no food in the supermarkets.

Using hidden cameras, she takes you through local grocery stores and the underground black market currency exchange, the main source of inflation in the country.

Abby sits down with economist Pasqualina Curzio to learn more about the nature of the black market and chronic shortages of goods. Knowing that world leaders are calling for foreign intervention, Abby finds out if locals agree.


Empire Files: Abby Martin Meets the Venezuelan Opposition (video) - teleSUR

dinsdag 27 juni 2017

“Salvia Divinorum, an Atypical Psychedelic"

Lecture by Peter H. Addy, Ph D | Horizons, 2014

Postdoctoral Associate, Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine “Salvia Divinorum, an Atypical Psychedelic” 

Based on my laboratory and field work with Salvia divinorum (SD) and salvinorin A (SA) over the past five years, I will provide a brief overview of the subjective and behavioral effects of SD and propose a role of the kappa opioid receptor (KOR) system in embodied consciousness.

Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics is an annual forum that examines the role of psychedelics in science, healing, culture and spirituality. Learn more at horizonsnyc.org.

Biography: Dr. Addy is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice in the New Haven area. He has investigated the effects of Salvia divinorum at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Yale University School of Medicine, and the homes of indigenous healers in Mexico.

zondag 25 juni 2017


Mitch Schultz, director of DMT: The Spirit Molecule, invites you to join this 45 minute excursion deep into the heart of the Peruvian rainforest to experience the magic of the 3000 year old plant medicine: Huachuma.

Distilled in the lost tradition from the San Pedro cactus by the last master Huachumero, Huachuma was the sacrament that formed the foundation for pre-Incan civilization, the Chavin.

Follow Aubrey Marcus (founder of Onnit) and a group of friends in this moving meditation that reveals the true transformative power of this sacred technology.

maandag 5 juni 2017

Empire Files: Buying a Slave – The Hidden World of US/Philippines Trafficking

Human trafficking is a hidden industry that brings in $150 billion in illegal profits every year. In the United States, tens of thousands are trafficked annually—the biggest clients being major hotel chains and foreign diplomats. 

The Philippines is one of the largest labor exporters in the world. 6,000 Filipinos—mostly women—leave the country every single day to work, because of mass unemployment and poverty. Tricked by placement agencies, thousands end up living as virtual slaves.

Damayan, a New York-based organization led by Filipina domestic workers, is fighting this underground crisis. Abby Martin speaks to several members of the organization about how this exodus of women has devastated a generation of families, and how they are fighting back.


vrijdag 2 juni 2017

The Dynasty of Rothschild | The Only Trillionaires in the World

Who is the Richest person in the world? Do you really think your government controls everything? How Rothschild became the richest family in the world?

In this documentary video you will the all about Rothschild Family and his biography.

zondag 28 mei 2017

ISIL: Target Russia

Thousands of ISIL fighters are training in the mountains of Afghanistan, plotting an attack on the Kremlin.

Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) have always considered "the West" - and the United States in particular - the ultimate enemy.

But following President Vladimir Putin's policy of military involvement in Syria, Russia may have taken its place as ISIL's main target. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Iraq and Afghanistan: The $6 trillion bill for America’s longest war is unpaid - Salon
Time For The US To Take A Step Back From Afghanistan - ZeroHedge

The U.S. will never win the war in Afghanistan - Washington Post
More U.S. Troops Aren't Enough to Fix Afghanistan - Bloomberg

NATO troop increase plan draws criticism in Afghanistan (video) - Al Jazeera

dinsdag 16 mei 2017

Deep Web


A feature documentary that explores the rise of a new Internet; decentralized, encrypted, dangerous and beyond the law; with particular focus on the FBI capture of the Tor hidden service Silk Road, and the judicial aftermath. Read more.

maandag 24 april 2017

Turkey: The referendum and the media

On The Listening Post this week: Turks vote "Yes" to expand presidential powers: we assess the role the media played in the outcome. Plus, the dilemma of inclusion: covering the far-right.

Turkey's referendum: Did voters receive balanced coverage?

Of Presidents, Plebiscites and Populism. Turkey’s constitutional referendum - if implemented - will grant President Erdogan sweeping powers. What role did the media play in the "Yes" campaign - and what does the vote mean for Turkey's democracy?

Contributors: Gulseren Adakli, media scholar | Fatih Polat, editor-in-chief, Evrensel | Borzou Daragahi, Middle East correspondent, Buzzfeed News | Mustafa Karoglu, columnist, Star Daily

Al Jazeera

dinsdag 11 april 2017

Spy Merchants

Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit enters the secretive world of the surveillance industry. Spy Merchants reveals for the first time how highly-invasive spyware, which can capture the electronic communications of a town, can be purchased in a 'grey market’ where regulations are ignored or bypassed. Mass surveillance equipment can then be sold onto authoritarian governments, criminals or even terrorists.

During a four-month undercover operation, an industry insider working for Al Jazeera filmed the negotiation of several illegal, multi-million dollar deals that breach international sanctions. The proposed deals include the supply of highly restricted surveillance equipment to Iran. The undercover operative also secured an extraordinary agreement to purchase powerful spyware with a company who said they didn’t care who was the end-user. Read more.

Al Jazeera

The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica... Revealed

There may be good reason for your curiosity if you have ever wondered about what is really going on at the southernmost continent.

With so many myths and rumors flying around about the place lately, we decided to do a little research of our own into the claims… which turned into a whole lot of research… and what was going to be a 10-minute video turned into this.

Truthstream Media

woensdag 29 maart 2017

The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller

David Rockefeller is dead. But what does it mean? How do we measure the life of someone who has shaped the modern world to such an extent?

Join us for this week’s edition of The Corbett Report where we examine David Rockefeller’s life, his works and the world that he left in his wake. Read more.

Corbett Report

D. Rockefeller’s Gruesome Legacy (F. William Engdahl) - NEO
The Rockefellers and One’s Point of Being (Grete Mautner) - NEO

Why Rockefeller's Death Doesn't Mean the End of 'New World Order' Doctrine - Sputnik

maandag 20 maart 2017

Meet Goldman Sachs, the Vampire Squid

We all know Goldman Sachs is the very embodiment of evil…or do we? What is Goldman Sachs? What does it do? Where did it come from and where is it going, and is there anything that can be done to stop it?

Buckle in for this edition of The Corbett Report where James dares to take on the vampire squid itself. Read more.

Corbett Report

zondag 19 maart 2017

Empire Files: Abby Martin Exposes Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon has been propelled over the last year from fringe media outlier to top propagandist of the U.S. Empire as Trump's Chief Strategist.

From his Wall Street roots and apocalyptic film career to his cultivation of alt-right bigots at Breitbart News, Abby Martin exposes Bannon's true character in this explosive documentary. 

Dissection of Bannon's ideology of "economic nationalism" and desire to "Make America Great Again" reveals the danger of his hand in Trump's agenda.


Nieuw Rechts gaat viraal: over extreemrechtse clickbait, echokamers en sociale media - De Wereld Morgen

vrijdag 24 februari 2017

Wie Reiche immer reicher werden - die große Geldflut

Seit Jahren betreiben die Notenbanken dieser Welt eine Politik des billigen Geldes, allen voran die EZB. Sie kauft marode Papiere, um Banken zu retten, will das Wirtschaftswachstum ankurbeln, verschuldete Staaten stützen. Was die Staatshaushalte um hunderte Milliarden entlastet, ärgert auf der anderen Seite die Sparer: null Zinsen. Und die neue Geldschöpfung führt weltweit zu einer unkontrollierten, noch nie dagewesenen Geldflut.

Experten warnen bereits vor neuen Blasen. Beispiel Immobilien: Nicht nur in deutschen Großstädten explodieren die Preise. In London kostet ein Einzimmerappartement locker mehr als eine Million Euro. Weiterlesen.

Das Erste

The Flat

maandag 20 februari 2017

Growing up with War: Children of Syria

Since war broke out in Syria almost six years ago, a whole generation of kids has never known life in peaceful times. 

They’ve witnessed family members being killed and their houses destroyed. Many were wounded and war has robbed them all of their childhoods.

With no end in sight to the bloody conflict, their futures remain uncertain.


zondag 5 februari 2017

Birobidzhan Jewish Autonomous Region


Created by the Soviet Union in 1928 a documentary about Birobizhan.


- Why some Jews would rather live in Siberia than Israel - CSMonitor

zondag 29 januari 2017

Project Duterte. Law enforcement or mass terror? The Philippines’ war on drugs

The Philippines’s controversial President Rodrigo Duterte came to power on his promise to crack down on crime. Dubbed “The Punisher”, he addressed his subjects, encouraging them to kill drug addicts. However, his inauguration was followed by a wave of extrajudicial killings of alleged drug dealers and now he denies any involvement with the vigilante violence.

A dramatic increase in brutal street executions coincided with the start of “Project Duterte”, the police programme aimed at “Drug Use and Trafficking Elimination through Rehabilitation, Training and Enforcement”, many Filipinos claim they have lost all trust in the country’s law enforcement. 

Most of the street murders carry distinct hallmarks; the victims’ heads are wrapped in adhesive tape, they are left with stab wounds and a sign accusing them of being drug “pushers” is left at the scene. Some believe the police are behind the murders, others that the drug cartels kill their own to cover their tracks. RT Doc spoke to a “death squad” member who claims to have been hired by the authorities to assassinate suspects. The more prominent an alleged drug dealer, the more his killers are paid. The President concedes that there may be innocent victims but he simply describes them as ‘collateral damage’.

Street murder without trial, suspects dying in police custody, overcrowded prisons, vigilante terror squads hunting targets for the price put on their heads and innocent lives lost: all this adds up to the flip side of the Philippines’ war on drugs. President Duterte talks exclusively to RT Doc.


vrijdag 27 januari 2017

The Science Of Yoga

Full documentary: 26:00 min.

A Documentary from the Yoga Day Summit, produced by The Shift Network at Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh, India during the International Yoga Festival 2016


zondag 22 januari 2017

Obama: A Legacy of Ashes

Obama’s legacy is measured in ashes. From wars of aggression to a police state on steroids, banking bailouts and Obamacare, Obama has been the perfect captain to carry the New World Order football further down the field.

But as Americans prepare for a new liner to be placed in their gilded bird cage, today we remember how the Deep State tricked the public in 2008 by giving them what they thought they wanted. Read more.

Corbett Report

vrijdag 20 januari 2017

The Bizarre Far-Right Billionaire Behind Trump's Presidency

When all seemed to be falling apart for Trump this summer, one shadowy billionaire offered up his own massive political infrastructure, which included Steve Bannon and Kellyanne Conway, and saved Trump’s campaign from demise


dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Trump: The Kremlin Candidate?

Panorama - In the week of the new President's inauguration, Panorama reports on Russia's role in Donald Trump's election victory and asks what's behind the relationship between Vladimir Putin and Trump. 

Reporter John Sweeney - who has met and challenged both men - travels to Moscow and the United States to find out how sure we can be that Russian cyber-warriors influenced the US election and if there's any truth to claims that Russian intelligence has compromising material about the President elect.

And from Lithuania and the battlefields of Ukraine, he investigates what this will mean for security in Europe and the rest of the world.


- BBC’s Trump-Kremlin documentary is like an ‘Austin Powers’ film, says Galloway (video) - RT

zondag 1 januari 2017

Ginseng Culture

Ginseng is one of the highest priced plants in the world. Its root is use in traditional chinese medicine to bring a balance to your over all energy. 

There is a great appetite for this root through out the world. Read more.


- What is Ginseng Good For? The Difference Between Varieties (video / text) - Superfood Evolution