zondag 20 september 2015

River: Anti-Colonial struggles of Robert Lovelace

2015, The United States, Canada

Robert (Bob) Lovelace, a respected Queen's professor and an indigenous activist, has struggled against colonialism all his life. Robert was born in Missouri in the US from a white father and an Indian mother.

Robert came to Canada during the time of Vietnam War, as he resisted being inducted into military service. In 2008, Robert spent three and a half months in prison for his part in defending the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation from uranium exploration and mining.

Robert converted to Islam after reading the holy Quran. In a bid to break the Israeli-imposed blockade on the impoverished Gaza Strip, Robert aboard a flotilla of boats set sail for the coastal enclave. Robert Lovelace sees a parallel between the settler-colonial occupation of land in Canada and in Gaza and refers to Gaza as "The world's largest Indian reservation."