donderdag 23 april 2015

Catalyst: Our Chemical Lives

Thousands of chemicals are used in everyday products – in our water, our food and in the air we breathe. It’s the chemical soup of modern life and it’s virtually impossible to escape them.

In this special edition of Catalyst, Dr Maryanne Demasi investigates the safety of these chemicals, and compares the level of chemicals in her own body with clean living convert and media personality Sarah Wilson.

Is there adequate regulation and testing, or are we in the midst of an uncontrolled, human experiment? Related info.


dinsdag 21 april 2015


70 ago Europe was severely threatened by Fascism, but is the continent now witnessing a nationalist renaissance?

One former Latvian Waffen SS fighter openly presents his perspective on the situation, while survivors from Salaspils, a concentration camp in Latvia, are disturbed and terrified by recent events, sharing their heartbreaking memories.

Salaspils is a dark page in human history, in history of Latvia, perhaps that’s why so many seem to be trying to rewrite it.


vrijdag 17 april 2015

Frontline: The Fight For Yemen

2015 - Yemen is being torn apart by a toxic political crisis between a weak national government and a rebel movement known as the Houthis, who have taken over the capital of Sanaa and ousted the president. The resulting power vacuum has allowed extremists groups like Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and ISIS to expand their influence in the country.

Amid the escalating turmoil, a coalition of nations led by Saudi Arabia has launched a military campaign against the Houthi rebels, raising the odds that the fight for Yemen could soon spillover into a much larger regional and sectarian war.

So who is fighting who in Yemen, and what does each side in the increasingly complex battle stand for?

Al Jazeera

Marinaleda : A Terra de Todos (The Land of Utopia)

(English subtitles)

Marinaleda is a town and municipio of the province of Seville, (Andalusia, Spain). 

Since they occupied the estate of a local aristocrat 20 years ago, the inhabitants of this Andalusian village and its fiery mayor, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo, have been synonymous with the struggle of Spain's rural poor.

Marinaleda, all equal (video) - PressTV

donderdag 16 april 2015

An Anarchist's Story: The Life of Ethel MacDonalds

Playlist: all parts | Duration: 77 minutes | Click CC for English subtitles

Ethel MacDonald (24 February 1909—1 December 1960) was a Glasgow-based Scottish anarchist and activist and, in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, a propagandist on Barcelona Anarchist radio. Read more.

A movie by Mark Littlewood

vrijdag 10 april 2015

The Secret Bank Bailout

50 billion euros in Greece, 70 billion euros in Ireland, 40 billion euros in Spain - one Euro-country after another is forced to support its banks with huge sums of money in order to equalize the losses incurred by money worldwide from bad loans. But where do the billions go anyway? Who are the beneficiaries? With this simple question the award-winning business journalist and nonfiction author Harald Schumann travels across Europe and gets surprising answers.

The rescued are not in the poorer Euro states - unlike commonly believed - but mainly in Germany and France. A large part of the money ends up with the creditors of the banks that want to be saved or must be saved. And although these investors have obviously made bad investments, they are - against all logic of the free market economy - protected at the expense of the general public against any losses.

Why? Who gets the money? Actually, simple questions, but that regard the core of European identity. Maybe the most passionate film on the banking crisis.

Director: Arpad Bondy
Script: Harald Schumann, Arpad Bondy
Camera: Axel Schneppat