zaterdag 4 januari 2014

The Scope of Meaning

Now that globalization is all but inevitable and cultures either clash and get devoured or converge and synthesize into broader and more colorful entities, to preserve one's voice, a nation's artists have to shoulder the biggest share of responsibility. The responsibility of conserving what their cultures have and to add that into the ever globalized mix.

Perhaps in response to mindless modernism and cultural invasion the Iranian artists rose to the challenge and introduced traditional elements rooted in thousands of years of history to art scenes and galleries and auctions world over.

In "The Scope of Meaning" we get to see a glimpse of Iran's contemporary and modern art namely calligraphic painting and sculpting. These artworks which bear unique Iranian features have dazzled art collectors both at international and national auctions and have garnered a burgeoning spot for Iranian hued art on global stage.