woensdag 28 november 2012

Cut Poison Burn

The Film tells the grim tale of the half century War on Cancer and focuses on the character of Thomas Navarro. In 1999, the four year old boy was diagnosed with brain cancer and thrust into the system of Surgery, Chemo and Radiation and not allowed to be treated with a proven method by Texas Doctor Stanislaw Burzynski.

The war between the Navarro Family and the FDA is perhaps this country's greatest evidence as to why there should be medical freedom and how since the War on Cancer began in 1971, the war is still failing in 2009.

Peyote to LSD

In deze documentaire een geschiedenis van hoe de Westerste wereld natuurlijke geestverruimende artikelen uit oude culturen leerde kennen tot aan de eigen synthese van LSD in Westerse laboratoria.

Een interessant verslag langs vele gebieden, bijzondere mensen, interessante culturen en geestverruimende middelen. Lees meer.


Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is a 2010 American documentary film which follows the 60-day journey of Australian Joe Cross across the United States as he follows a juice fast under the care of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, the Nutrition Research Foundation's Director of Research.

Robert Mac, executive director of the Nutrition Research Foundation is credited as co-creator of the film. Cross serves on the Nutrition Research Foundation's Advisory Board.

dinsdag 27 november 2012

Fukushima Nuclear Lessons: 'Coexisting With Nature'

Japanese Canadian science broadcaster and environmentalist David Suzuki meets Japanese environmental and energy researchers who are showing the way to an environmentally sustainable future after the March 2011 natural and nuclear disasters.

zondag 25 november 2012

How to Steal from an African

Press TV's documentary program 'How to Steal from an African' depicts how Britain, by not paying what it owes to African countries and instead by bribing the governments, is keeping these potentially rich countries in absolute poverty.


How to Rob Africa (video) - Al Jazeera

The Greek Resistance

Tied together by a painful history, Greece and Germany are locked into a new conflict that has reawakened old ghosts.

Greece - it is where Europe's civilisation and the very idea of democracy began. But today the country is in crisis; a crisis that may well destroy the dream of a unified Europe. Read more.

Al Jazeera

Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis

With the US raising their debt ceiling, are we in a global bail-out bubble that will eventually burst? This doc offers a fresh insight into the greatest economic crisis of our age: the one still awaiting us.

The financial storm that has rocked the world began brewing in the US when congress pushed the idea of home ownership for all, propping up those who couldn't make the down payments. When it all went wrong the government promised the biggest financial stimulus packages in history and gargantuan bailouts.

But what crazed logic is that: propping up debt with more debt? "They're giving alcohol to a drunk: it just sets him up for a bigger hangover."

dinsdag 20 november 2012

vrijdag 9 november 2012

Der große Euro-Schwindel

Verona, im Frühjahr 1996. Theo Waigel, damals deutscher Finanzminister schaut seinen griechischen Amtskollegen, Yannos Papantoniou, erstaunt an: "Ihr seid nicht dabei und werdet nicht dabei sein." 

Auf dem EU-Finanzministertreffen hatte Papantoniou plötzlich gefordert, dass auch griechische Buchstaben auf die Banknoten gedruckt werden. Mehr.

The Turning Point

The Turning Point - A Press For Truth Production | Produced and written by:
Steven Davies, Bryan Law and Dan Dicks | Edited by Steven Davies and Bryan Law | Music by Dan Dicks

Who Rules America?

Press TV's documentary program 'Who Rules America?' provides a comprehensive look at the so called democratic governing system of the United States of America and reveals the actual powers who are ruling the nation.


In Focus: Shell destroying Nigeria?

Nigerians have risen up and asked for reforms after years of corruption in the country's oil industry. Questions are being asked about how much power does Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan's new government have? Or is it the government or the oil companies that really hold the power in the country?

Nigeria is a major player in the oil business and the 12th biggest exporter in the world. Eighty percent of the country's revenue comes from oil and half of that is from the British/Dutch Company, Shell.

In 1995, nine local environmental activists were hanged by the Nigerian government for protesting against Shell activities. Similar atrocities continue today and many point the blame at Shell's hidden hand. On this week's INFocus, we will look into the many human rights abuses committed by Shell in North African country.