woensdag 9 maart 2011

Uxuf Xipay (The Plunder)

The documentary "Üxüf Xipay (The Plunder)" talks about the multiple dimensions within the process of organization of the Mapuche People in Southern Chile.

This is accomplished in six blocks or thematic unities, covering 120 years of struggles and history.

The first block, entitled "WallMapu" (the ancient territory), talks about all that existed before the Spanish conquest. It’s a story about territory and culture.

The second one, "The Reduction", refers to the evil relationship between the Chilean State and the Mapuche People; the consequences of forcing a determined development model to people who live according to other laws and beliefs.

The third block is entitled "Reform and Counter Reform", and it considers the diverse policies of land tenancy and use, and their different impact on indigenous peoples in Chile. Read more + high resolution video.

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