woensdag 12 januari 2011

Woke Up Alive

Woke Up Alive is an award-winning documentary that offers a different look at the diverse people and places of Israel through one filmmaker's non-political journey across this controversial land. Common humanity, objectivity and nature are the universal themes of this refreshing and mystical story of hope from the Holy Land.

zondag 2 januari 2011

Hunting the hidden dimension (Fractals)

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The Spirit Molecule

God Of Wonders

Norman Finkelstein at the University of Amsterdam

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Neuromodulation: Science of Shifting Consciousness

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HELENA E. KEREKHAZI, M.S. ED. PhD Candidate Neurophychology, NYC Neuromodulation: The New Science of Shifting Consciousness Without doubt, this “one-sided” mode of dealing with the problem is due largely to the pernicious Western practice of subordinating consciousness, or regarding it as a “byproduct” of molecular motion. –(H. P. Blavatsky, SD I:327) Are our Consciousness and Behavior merely the by-products of molecules? Who or what affects Consciousness? What are the Emerging Paradigms in Neuroscience? Serotonin, dopamine, neurotransmitters, A.D.D., and autism are the new buzz words in the emerging neuro-vernacular.

Neuromodulation is a powerful new wave that is sweeping discussions of cellular medicine. H.P.B. heralded the necessity to look beyond the byproducts of molecular behavior for the substrates of consciousness. Ms. Kerekhazi surveys the work of key researchers investigating the molecules that affect human behavior including neurologists, neurochemists, neurobiologists, neurogenomists, neuro-imagers and other important neuroscientists and healers, who are all developing paradigms that affect the development of medicines, supplements and therapies intending to either help regulate or normalize pathological behaviors. Are current theories too reductionist?

Who or what shifts Consciousness?


VPRO Thema: Iedereen depressief

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Nieuws uit VPRO Thema: Iedereen depressief
Psychiaters: driekwart van de patiënten slikt ten onrechte antidepressiva

Driekwart van de mensen in Nederland die antidepressiva slikken, doen dat ten onrechte. Voor hen is het slikken van deze medicijnen zelfs ‘nutteloos’. Het gebruik van medicijnen tegen depressie zou dus drastisch omlaag moeten. Dat stelt Aartjan Beekman, hoogleraar psychiatrie aan het VU Medisch centrum en psychiater in de Valeriuskliniek te Amsterdam, in de VPRO-thema Iedereen depressief die dinsdagavond om 20.25 te zien is op Nederland 2.

Beekman, die onderzoek doet naar de oorzaken van depressie en de gevolgen voor de volksgezondheid en de economie, is een van de deskundigen in het programma die hun licht laten schijnen over de vraag waarom in Nederland zoveel mensen aan een vorm van depressie lijden en daarvoor medicatie gebruiken. Lees hier verder.

Bron: VPRO

Meditation & Science

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Alan Watts teaches meditation

Das Geheimnis der Heilung - Wie altes Wissen die Medizin verändert

Das Geheimnis der Heilung

Cultural Anthropology, Civilization – “How Civilizations began"

A Cure For Cancer - Max Igan talks with Rick Simpson

Independent America - Rising From Ruins

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This is the story of the frustrating, spirited battle of a people dedicated to bringing their communities back to life.

Rising from Ruins is set in the spring of 2008, three years after Katrina, finds many communities still lack basic local services such as grocery stores, gas stations and banks. Yet, government support and financial breaks for large chain stores - including tax-free land and buildings - have resulted in small, local businesses being forced to subsidize their competition through the assessment of higher property taxes.

Compounding the struggle for the small outfits is decreased sales due to competition and an inability to compete with lower prices offered by the larger stores. This is the story of the frustrating, spirited battle of a people passionately dedicated to bringing their communities back to life in an enduring, sustainable way.

The War You Don't See

Full documentary

Reflections of The Ego

Reflections of The Ego from R K on Vimeo.

It is a film about a person who escapes from a prison.

It is an escape from one prison only to realize there is no escape from the prison of yourself, no matter how great the distance becomes.

Running away from the ego that society has created in order to enslave it.

Reflections on the ego and its reflections.

A journey through different scenes, both in the character’s head and in the surrounding nature.

WikiRebels: The Documentary | WikiLeaks & Julian Assange

The Medicine: Science & Psychedelics

Here is a trailer for our upcoming film about psychedelic research in the 21st century. To see more clips of this film on scientific research on psychedelics and please visit the two links below:
Annie's story is touching and amazing.
Frank's Interview - an excerpt from: The Medicine - Medical Research on Psychedelics film.

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The Shaman's Apprentice


Defending the secret slave state - Suriname

Journeyman Pictures (2007)

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The Secret Life of Chaos

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Today I Died - BBC Science

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